Fun Factory Fun Cups Review

Some background

I am a massive enthusiast of menstrual cups. Buying a Mooncup® was one of the first conscious little steps I made to using less single use plastic, plus a welcome alternative to the skin reactions and yeast infections conventional pads and tampons cause me. Years later, they are probably my favourite type of sustainable menstrual product and I am always hyped to recommend them.

Fun Factory are a German sex toy manufacturer who, incidentally, I am also a big fan of. All of their products are superb quality and made from body safe silicone in gorgeous bright colours that set them apart from other brands. When I heard they released their own spin on a product I already love, of course I was going to buy a set immediately.

Fun Factory’s Fun Cups are definitely the best looking cups I have ever seen. They come in two sizes and a number of fun colours.  As with a lot of cups on the market, they are available couple of size options. Size A, which is smaller and slightly firmer silicone, Size B which is bigger for heavier flow or you can choose the Explore Kit which is one of each size which is great if you are unsure which you need. A lot of cup size guides like to put emphasis on the user’s age or whether or not they have given birth vaginally. Instead, Fun Factory recommend Size A for those with a lighter flow or shorter vaginal canal and Size B for heavy flow or a longer vaginal canal which I much prefer.

First impressions

Fun Factory‘s packaging is always an absolute delight. You can expect colourful yet tasteful graphics on the outer sleeve, a sturdy gold box which could be kept for storage and no nonsense detailed instructions which are really important for first time cup users. The instructions are also gender neutral which is refreshing because after all, not all folks who have periods are women and not everyone wants the hyper-feminine pinks and florals and “girl talk” present on a lot of period products.

So, here they are.

Fun Factory Fun Cups in size A and B

Size A is eye searingly pink and Size B is a slightly more toned down primary blue. I like them both.

A thing that really appeals to me is that these cups are designed without a stem and instead have a little pointed textured “nub” to aid removal instead. I completely removed the stem from my Mooncup® as I find it quite irritating and am aware of it when I sit down.

Unlike the Mooncup®, the Fun Cups are not a uniform size all the way around. Instead they look as though they are designed to follow the shape of the vagina and as a result have a distinct back and front. The rims are not as pronounced as other cups which I thought would work in my favour as one issue I have with the Mooncup® is the rim is very thick. It sometimes feels like it is putting pressure somewhere it shouldn’t so I can’t fully empty my bladder so sometimes have to take it out to pee.

There are 4 tiny holes placed high up each cup towards the rim. These are what help to create and break “seal” which holds the cup in place.

Fun Cups Explore Kit in blue and pink

My experience

As advertised, Size A is indeed made of stiffer silicone which pings back open a little over enthusiastically when you fold it ready for insertion. While I thought I would prefer the smaller size, this firmness creates a few issues for me. The tendency for it to open up before I can get it in the right place is annoying at best, painful at worst.  The shape mentioned earlier that looks like it would be more ergonomic causes its own set of issues as I find it hard to get it facing the right direction. Despite using all my usual tricks to get cups to form a seal (either twisting the stem end just a little bit or gently tugging until I can feel some resistance) I somehow almost always manage to spring a random leak with Size A.

Size B is quite a bit bigger and I instantly preferred the softer silicone. It was a lot more comfortable to insert but I found it can take some wrangling to get the bugger to unfold! You can check the seal with a finger but when I’m on the first or second day of my period (which is when I use this size) too much poking around just gets sore. I find Size B more reliable and comfortable for me, but not perfect. I was still aware of the cup’s presence which is an issue I don’t have with my Mooncup® (apart from the annoying pee thing!).

Both were no hassle to remove despite not having stems. I personally found both were quite long for my vagina so I didn’t have to go digging round my cervix to retrieve them.

Fun Factory Fun Cup menstrual cups


Menstrual cups are so easy to clean and maintain and can last years with the proper care. The Fun Cups are no exception.

It is recommended to empty a cup around every 8 hours. You can then quickly rinse it out or, if out and about, give it a wipe with some loo roll and it is safe to reinsert.

To sterilise, simply boil (yes, a sauce pan on the hob is all you need!) for 3 minutes (as recommended by Fun Factory). Done.

So far I haven’t experienced any staining which is a bonus of coloured silicone. My clear Mooncup® discoloured quickly which isn’t cute but doesn’t effect its performance or safety.

The take away

I think my Fun Cups are awesome for soooo many reasons.

They are colourful, have gender neutral marketing and the shape has clearly had some thought behind it.

Their minor downfalls, I believe are just down to my anatomy or user error!

I bought this product myself, affiliate links are used in this post.

Find the UK website here (use code funcup10 for a 10% discount!) or for more information and to find out where to purchase in your country, click here

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