Wild Deodorant Review

Like quite a lot of stuff I end up buying these days, I first discovered Wild on Instagram via a sponsored ad.

I have used “natural” deodorants in the past to mixed results. The majority of these were crystal/salt based which didn’t really work for me while the one “balm” style one that I did like came in a little pot which you had to scoop the product out of with your fingers to apply which I didn’t enjoy from a sensory point of view.

This is where Wild and their relentless advertising got me!

Wild deodorant shipping box
Free Royal Mail shipping for UK customers

Get Wild

Wild is a natural deodorant subscription service. Their mission is to be as sustainable as possible, from the reusable applicator made from aluminium and recycled plastic to the zero plastic, completely compostable refills. Sign me up.

I decided to place a one off order of five refills (“The Full Monty”) rather than subscribe straight away as I had a code for money off plus a free case. Without this discount, subscribing would have worked out cheaper by £1 per refill.

You get to pick the colour of your case of which there are a decent number of options (I went with “Aqua” which is a pale greeny blue) and a selection of different scents for your refills. There are five standard scents plus one limited edition run which when I placed my order was a rose scent.

My box took a while to be processed and then delivered by Royal Mail due to the time of year (it was just after Christmas) and probably due to the amazing offer I took advantage of running at the same time. Delivery is free to the UK though they do ship worldwide, subject to Covid restrictions.

Wild deodorant case and refill
The reusable aluminium case in ‘Aqua’

My experience

I really love the design of this whole product. The case is bigger than I thought it would be which is actually a benefit as I sometimes struggle with pain in my hands and fingers and the larger applicator makes it a lot easier for me to handle when this is an issue.

Clear instructions are provided and the refills are really straight forward to install and change.

So far I have tried two different scents. I went with Bergamot Rituals first which from my experience is one of the stronger smelling ones, though the scent is still mild and not designed to “mask” body odour. It applies really smoothly and kind of melts into the skin. I did find it left a very slight white residue on my clothes, especially on black, but nothing like the marks from a conventional roll on.

Wild deodorant welcome pack
Welcome to the Wild side

This first refill lasted me just over two months (beginning of January to early March). That was with me using it twice a day (after each shower), about 3 swipes per underarm. I have sensitive skin and have experienced zero irritation despite two applications a day, and no stinging even straight after shaving which is unheard of.

I find Wild deodorant genuinely works for me, the hype is real. I’m not a stinky person naturally but I sometimes sweat A LOT at night, hence why I use it before bedtime (I have chronic trauma induced nightmares most nights) and I do not smell in the morning. I have not been able to test it out after vigorous exercise due to gyms not being open, but I am confident if it can cope with my night sweats, some heavy cardio will be just fine too!

I am currently using the limited edition Rose scent which I’m really enjoying. It is a lot milder than the Bergamot Rituals but equally as effective. There is some difference in the formula, as you’d expect from a natural product, and I do find it a little less smooth and sometimes clumpy, but as it melts so well at body temperature this is not a problem.

Wild deodorant with a refill
The consistency is smooth and quickly melts to body temperature

Go Wild!

I am an absolute Wild convert, I would recommend it to anyone wanting to make the switch to a more sustainable product with no aluminium, sulphates or parabens. However, please note that Wild is not an antiperspirant, therefore you will probably sweat a lot more at first while you make the switch – please bear with it, it does work!

Wild is completely vegan friendly and cruelty free. All product ingredients and other FAQs can be found here on their website.

When my refills run out, probably around October, I will definitely be signing up to their subscription service.

Get yours here!

I bought this product myself and this post was not sponsored in any way.

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