Godemiche Adam & Adam Soft Review

Godemiche Silicone

I have been a Godemiche fan-girl since the very beginning.

Adam and Monika are the delightful duo behind UK based Godemiche and specialise in beautiful handmade silicone dildos customisable in literally any colour of the rainbow. I first came across their toys at a fetish market in… I think 2015(?) and can claim I wrote their first ever review (on my old blog) before their own website even went live!

They have come a long, long way since then and today I am going to review two models of that original toy in its perfected forms.

Not for the faint of holes!

I’m not going to shy away from it, yes they’re big!

Each measure approximately 6 inches in circumference at their widest point with 8 inches of insertable length. This won’t be to everyone’s taste, but does the softer silicone make a difference? Read on…

Godemiche Adam in dusty pink glitter and Adam Soft in pearl
The Adam in ‘dusty pink’ and the Adam Soft in ‘pearl’

The sparkliest dick you ever did see

My original Adam is, as you may have noticed, sparkly as fuck. Godemiche offer a huge range of colours in different finishes such as pearlescent, UV reactive, glow in the dark and my absolute favourite, frickin’ GLITTER. This shade is “dusty pink” and I kind of want to eat it. The finish is slick and shiny, almost like a chewy sweet.

Godemiche also offer a number of options for the bases of their toys, my Adam has a suction cup base and I swear these are the best suction cups on the market. They stick to surfaces you think they wouldn’t, including my partner’s chest which was a hilarious discovery!

I remember describing my first ever Adam as a “cunt stuffer”… and I stand by that. It takes a fair bit of warm up before insertion is feasibly possible. The silicone on the original model is very firm which will be divisive. While the Adam is a very simple design with a very straight shaft and no other texture aside from the realistically sculpted head, it’s the firmness that makes it an intense ride. The coronal ridge will be too rough for some and if I’m not ready it can be quite painful and “scrape-y”.

That 6 inches of girth may be an instant turn off for others too, but that just is what it is and I wouldn’t recommend this toy if you haven’t already established that chunkier dicks are your jam!

My personal experiences with the Adam are largely positive on the days where my body wants to co-operate. Sometimes thrusting is fun, other days it’s just nice to have something big to clench around with additional clitoral stimulation. The Adam is also available in a shorter 6 inch length but I recommend shelling out for the 8 inch version, not to insert, but to hold on to! The round base is chunky and quite comfortable to hold on to and that extra two inches just make it easier for me to reach and manoeuvre.

The Godemiche Adam dildo with suction cup
The suction cup base

A big softie

The Adam Soft is made from the exact same cast as the original model but, as the name gives away, is made from significantly softer silicone.

Mine is pearlescent in the shade “pearl”. This was a bit of an impulse purchase and I’m annoyed at myself for not picking a more interesting colour, haha.

Now I was expecting a big squishy dick and that exactly what I got! It is very floppy and bendy, especially compared to the original Adam which is very rigid and decidedly… erect. While it has the same wide base, the Adam Soft does not stand up by itself reliably and looks especially absurd flopping around in a harness and I would not use it like this as I don’t feel in control of it at all. Great for “windmilling” though!

The Adam Soft is still certainly a large dildo and plenty of warm up is required. The texture which can feel so grating on the original model is still prominent but a lot more forgiving and overall more comfortable. The main negative for me is the floppiness makes it a little fiddly for me to insert, much like a bio-cock that isn’t quite hard enough.

The realistic heads on the Godemiche Adam dildos
I love the almost edible looking finish of the original Adam

The takeaway

I prefer the precision of the original Adam but the squish of the Adam Soft. It would be a dream come true if Godemiche were to ever release their toys in dual density silicone (a firm core with a squishy external layer à la VixSkin) but I believe there are no plans for this. Sadface.

I have only used both Adams vaginally, though the bases are perfectly safe for anal play (hats off to you if you manage that!) and ideal for strapping into a harness.

I whole heartedly recommend Godemiche as a company. The shear range of colour possibilities greatly appeals to me and as a result I have ended up collecting multiples of the same toys just for the different aesthetics! All products are 100% body-safe (both materials and anal safe bases) and they are very knowledgeable about their silicone and pigments should you have any concerns.

RRP from £52.99

Tech specs:

  • Length: 8 inches
  • Max. circumference: 6 inches
  • Material: Silicone
  • Harness compatible?: Yes


  • Body-safe material
  • Independent, trustworthy company with great customer service
  • Amazing suction cup (Standard Adam)
  • Awesome squishy silicone (Adam Soft)
  • Anal safe
  • Big!


  • …Big!
  • The firmer silicone can be uncomfortable

The Adam and Adam Soft can be custom ordered directly from Godemiche.

Extra Soft option now available!

I bought both of these products myself and wrote this comparison/review of my own accord. This post is not sponsored.

Affiliate links have been used in this post.

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