Womanizer Starlet vs Pro40 vs Premium

Pleasure Air™ Technology

Womanizer’s Pleasure Air™ Technology has taken the sex toy world by storm since its launch in 2014. Designed to stimulate the clitoris without desensitising it, using air pulses to create a unique suction like sensation, it is not hard to understand the toy’s mass appeal.

Womanizer Premium, Pro40 and Starlet
(Left to right) The Womanizer Premium, Pro40 and Starlet Snow

I’m here today to compare some of the most popular models: the entry level Starlet Snow, the mid-range Pro40, and the luxurious, all-singing, all-dancing Premium.

The Starlet is a modest offering, aimed at people who haven’t experienced this kind of technology before and want to try it out without spending a fortune (Womanizer toys are not cheap).

The Womanizer Pro40 is an older model which was discontinued and then rereleased. The Pro40 was extremely popular on its initial release having cast off the gaudy and bizarre design aesthetics of the earliest models, introducing the more sleek and sophisticated look associated with Womanizer toys today.

The Premium is Womanizer‘s flagship product and one of the most expensive in their product line. It has some unique features, but are they worth shelling out for? Read on!

Tech specs:

Starlet Snow:

  • Charging time: Up to 3 hours before first use
  • Run time: 30 minutes
  • Features: 4 intensities
  • Materials: ABS plastic with changeable silicone head
  • Splash proof
  • USB rechargeable
  • Available colours: White
  • Price: £69.00-£69.99


  • Charging time: 2-3 hours
  • Run time: 4 hours
  • Features: 6 intensities
  • Materials: ABS plastic with changeable silicone head
  • Waterproof
  • USB rechargeable
  • Available colours: Cherry red/silver, white/silver, black/silver, magenta/silver and black/rose gold (exclusive to Lovehoney)
  • Price: £99.99-£119.00


  • Charging time: 2-3 hours
  • Run time: 4 hours
  • Features: 12 intensities, Autopilot™ mode, Smart Silence™, travel lock
  • Materials: Silicone with changeable silicone head (multiple sizes)
  • Waterproof
  • USB rechargeable
  • Available colours: Black, red, white, blueberry, raspberry
  • Price: £169.00-£169.99

Womanizer Premium, Pro40 and Starlet

My thoughts

Starlet Snow: 

The Starlet Snow is the most accessibly priced Womanizer product. It is what I would call an “entry level” model as it has the most basic features; a single button interface and four intensity settings, that’s it.

Despite its petite stature, the Starlet Snow puts out a lot of power. As there are only the four intensities to choose from, the leap in power between each setting is quite jarring. It’s aggressive, “sucking your soul out of your clit” kind of stimulation, especially its highest intensity. Some days I love it, some days I fucking hate it and I suspect it’ll be divisive for people who are new to this style of toy.

For its size, the Starlet Snow is loud, in fact I would say it is the loudest of the three. It is not discreet at all, to the point I find it distracting and avoid using it if others are in the house.

Its major drawbacks are is its battery life and that it is not waterproof. The 30 minutes of playtime Womanizer estimate is pretty accurate. I personally can only get two orgasms out of that, and if I don’t touch it for a couple of weeks then the battery drains in storage which is far from ideal. The Starlet is only splash proof, so I recommend just keeping the main unit away from water and wiping it down with a damp cloth. The silicone head is removable though for a more thorough cleaning.

However, it is significantly cheaper than other models and is regularly on offer for around £50 which, especially for a toy with a 5 year warranty (which is now the default for all Womanizer toys), is really decent.

If you’re on the fence about whether or not you might enjoy Womanizer toys, then the Starlet Snow is a starting point. However, it is far from perfect and I suspect users who find that they do enjoy this style of stimulation will want to upgrade pretty soon.


The Pro40 is a slightly more sophisticated model which is larger and more ergonomic than the teeny tiny Starlet Snow.

It has an intuitive 3 button interface consisting of a power button, a ‘+’ and a ‘-‘ to adjust the 6 levels of intensity. When the toy is running, a quick press of the power button will return the toy to its lowest setting then holding it down for a few seconds will turn the unit off again.

The Pro40 has a much gentler touch than the Starlet Snow, with the Starlet Snow in fact being the more powerful toy on their respective highest settings. I much prefer the more gradual build up of intensity, even though the Pro40 actually only has two extra settings, somehow it feels like there’s more.

I like that the controls are on the ‘inside’ of the toy, rather than the ‘outside’ like all other Womanizer models as I find using my thumb to operate the buttons more comfortable and intuitive.

Volume wise, I find the Pro40 is the least intrusive of the three when running on its highest setting.

Feature wise, the Pro40 totally trumps the Starlet Snow in that it is waterproof/submersible for worry free cleaning and bathroom shenanigans, and it has an impressive 4 hour runtime per full charge which is excellent by any toy’s standard.

So, the Pro40 has an RRP of £100+ which is not that accessible – not everyone can justify dropping that much cash on a single sex toy which is perfectly understandable – however, it is still significantly less than the Premium. In my opinion, the price jump between the Starlet Snow and the Pro40 is worth it in terms of features, durability and reliability.


So, the Rolls-Royce of the range, the Premium. With an RRP of nearly £170, this is a luxury purchase by anyone’s standards. But is it worth it?

It almost pains me to say it but… I think it is. The Premium is an awesome piece of technology and has become my “ride-or-die” sex toy for solo masturbation.

It has 12 levels of intensity, which start at just a tiny flutter all the way up to a deep, penetrating thrum. In my humble clit’s opinion, the sensation the Premium puts out feels different to my other Womanizer toys – more like a rhythmic tapping rather than suction – and I love it.

My favourite feature of the Premium is the absolutely ingenious Smart Silence™ function which makes the toy only turn on until it is almost in contact with the body and then turns off as soon as you move it away. I wish all my vibrators did this! It’s bloody brilliant not having to fumble with controls as soon as I’m done (or by chance get walked in on!). The Premium gets pretty noisy from around the 5th setting, so having this automatic “kill switch” is really useful.

Another unique feature I haven’t yet encountered on another toy is the Autopilot™ function. You can choose the mode you want (soft, medium or intense) and then the toy varies the intensity randomly without you needing press another button – and it is different every time. I thought this was a gimmick that I’d never use but it’s actually really fun! I have yet to orgasm from it but it makes the journey more interesting not having direct control.

The Premium charges magnetically and is a fully sealed unit (unlike the Pro40 which has an exposable charging port) making cleaning hassle and stress free. The whole unit is coated in silicone and there are different sized silicone heads available to suit different anatomies.

Womanizer Premium, Pro40 and Starlet

The verdict

My personal favourite is the Womanizer Premium, hands down. It is not just the first toy of its kind I reach for, but the first in my entire collection. It is a luxury product with a luxury price tag, but for the amount of use I get out of it, plus being backed by Womanizer‘s amazing 5 year guarantee, it’s a worthy investment. If money is no object for you, then go for it and splash out on the Premium.

Admittedly, I already knew I like this style of toy – so what if you’re on the fence and on a tighter budget?

The Starlet Snow is obviously the cheapest, but its crappy battery life really lets it down. Alternatively, there is an upgraded model, the Starlet 2 which irons some of the Starlet’s flaws for the same price. The Liberty is the next model up retailing at around £90, featuring 6 settings and 120 minutes of playtime per charge. It also has the upgraded oval shaped head instead of the Pro40‘s original round opening.

If it’s a toss up between the Starlet Snow and the Pro40, the Pro40 is the way to go. Yes, it’s a price jump and a £100 toy (though it is regularly on sale) but the drastically longer battery life and gentler power increments will likely suit more users.

Womanizer Premium RRP: £169

Womanizer Pro40 RRP: £99.99

Womanizer Starlet Snow RRP: £69

Buy your new toy direct from Womanizer where there are regular sales

Or shop the Womanizer range available at Lovehoney (UK) – Remember to use HONEYX10 for 10% off your order!

~ Update – January 2021: ~

Both the Premium and the Starlet have had upgrades!

Shop the Premium 2 (£169) and Starlet 3 (£69) today.

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