Love Not War Koi Mini Wand Review

I’m back with another review for the lovely folks at Love Not War!

Some of you might remember them from my review of the Meile back in October 2021. I was super impressed by this young British company and all the steps they have taken towards creating sex toys that are genuinely more eco-friendly without compromising on attractive, smart design and orgasmic potential.

All Love Not War toys have bases that can unscrew and are compatible with all attachments across the range. This means you only need one battery base and can just swap the attachment out for whatever suits your mood. It is also supposed to make their products easier to repair or recycle too.

They have done away with as much plastic as possible and instead use predominantly recycled and recyclable materials. The attachments are coated in FDA approved, body-safe silicone and the battery case is made from recycled aluminium. All packaging is FSC cardboard with soy ink and eco-friendly glue in order to have as little impact on the planet as possible.

Their factory is custom-built and green energy-powered.

You can read more about Love Not War’s sustainability efforts here on their FAQs page.

I couldn’t really ask for more!

Love Not War Koi packaging


The Koi is a mini wand style vibrator and the latest in the Love Not War line up.

In the box you get a bamboo storage bag (much nicer than the standard polyester ones that I hope the sex toy industry will phase out soon!), a USB charger cable, and some minimal instructions printed on the same type of card as the box. If you remove the large sticker from the side and back of the box, the rest can be put in your regular household recycling bin without a second thought. Easy.

The Koi is being marketed as one of the smallest wands on the market and I can confirm that is is very petite, measuring just 6 inches long! The base is exactly the same shape and size as the Meile, while the Koi attachment consists of a short, slim neck supporting a larger head, as is typical of wand vibrators.

Love Not War Koi and accessories

First impressions

The silicone is buttery soft without a seam in sight – exactly what you want from a luxury sex toy. The silicone skin is quite thick with a bit of squidge to it and the neck of the wand flexes nicely in every direction. The aluminium base is weighty and initially cool to the touch.

The Koi only comes in grey, which is a shame as I am obsessed with the bright orange the rest of the range is available in. The grey is classy and understated though, I certainly don’t knock it.

To charge the Koi you need to detach the head which is securely screwed on and plug the charger into the hole revealed in the base. The LED located in the power button indicates when the toy is charging correctly and when it’s ready for playtime.

The thread is nice and coarse making reattaching the head fairly easy if you have normal hand mobility. There is a small black O-ring which ensures, when the pieces are screwed together, the toy is waterproof for use in the bathroom and ease of cleaning.

All toys in the Love Not War range have a single button interface which changes the setting and activates the travel lock. All have 4 levels of constant vibration in ascending order of intensity, plus 6 patterns.

Love Not War Koi


When I reviewed the Meile, I ended up disappointed by the quality of the vibrations. They are powerful enough, but just that bit too buzzy/high frequency in its tiny tip for my absolute diva of a clitoris! I can get off with the Meile’s motor, but it’s just not a toy I find myself craving.

The motor in the Koi, however, is rather moreish! I am delighted to report that the Koi packs a ton of power in its tiny package of with the delicious rumbly kick that I look for when selecting a clitoral vibrator.

And it’s quiet! My Koi can barely be heard under a duvet on its first two settings, so it’s very discreet. People with thin walls – rejoice!

The head is a nice size and shape, similar to the plastic shell inside a Kinder Egg! While significantly smaller than all other wands I own, it offers a similar broader sensation which spreads across the vulva instead of pinpointing the clit. It works well on all erogenous zones (penis owners shouldn’t miss out!) and is slim enough that it can even be inserted vaginally (but NOT anally!) if you really want to.

I appreciate how flexible the neck is as I have a tendency to mash toys against my body so the flex makes this more comfortable – and also less likely to damage the toy!

I have the same complaint about the base I mentioned in the Meile review. While it looks gorgeous, the aluminium is so smooth it’s difficult to grip on Bad Hand Days and even more so if lube accidentally gets involved. Some texture here would be helpful for me personally.

Love Not War Koi and accessories

The takeaway

I already love this company anyway, but now I’m super happy that there is a toy I can wholeheartedly recommend.

The Love Not War Koi puts out a hell of a lot of power and rumble for its size, and it has plenty to offer all genders and bodies. It is beautiful, discreet and travel friendly. A great allrounder for external stimulation.

Love Not War Koi RRP: £89.99

Tech specs:
  • Length: 6 inches
  • Insertable length: 3 inches
  • Circumference: 4.25 inches
  • Settings: 4 speeds, 6 patterns
  • Waterproof?: Yes
  • USB rechargeable?: Yes
  • Body-safe, quality materials
  • Powerful and rumbly!
  • Versatile, suitable for all bodies
  • Quiet, discreet
  • Eco-conscious company which uses recycled materials
  • Interchangeable heads
  • Difficult to grip
  • A little pricey

Buy your Koi today and check out the rest of the Love Not War range on their official site.

Interchangeable heads now available to buy separately

Use my code LITTLESPOON15 for 15% off site wide!

Love Not War affiliate banner

I was sent the Koi by Love Not War in exchange for this review.

This has not impacted on my views in any way and all opinions expressed are my own.

Affiliate links have been used in this post.

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