Love Not War Maya Review

It’s no secret I’m obsessed with Love Not War (thanks to all of you who entered my giveaway last month!) so I’m delighted to bring you this little write up of their latest and most eco-friendly product yet:

Love Not War Maya

The Maya is a small bullet style vibrator made from 99% recycled (and recycleable!) aluminium.

As with the rest of their range, the head of the Maya is detachable from the battery unit and interchangeable with all the other heads which are now available to buy separately.

As I already own a couple of other LNW products (check out my reviews if the Koi and Meile) I was sent just the Maya attachment which came wrapped in tissue paper, nestled in a small brown cardboard box which is just a miniature version of the packaging used for the ‘whole’ toys. It’s all recycled and recycleable too – noticing a theme?

Love Not War Maya Bullet vibrator


The Maya has the same functions as all other toys in the LNW range; there are four speeds, five patterns, the toy is fully waterproof and the USB rechargeable base screws off and fits all other LNW heads currently available.

Unlike the others, the Maya does not have any outer silicone parts. The head is made from exactly the same recycled aluminium as the battery unit. This is its unique selling point.

I have been ‘collecting’ sex toys and involved in the industry for over 10 years, and in this time I have not encountered a single truly high quality metal vibrator that is realistically priced. There are a lot of plastic ones with a metallic finish or the odd ‘plated’ mystery metal offering, and then at the other end of the spectrum, a notorious luxury brand who are laughing all the way to the bank with their £5,000 stainless steel vibe (£10,000 if you opt for a 24K gold plating… um, don’t do that).

The beauty of metal toys is how temperature responsive they are. If you are into temperature and sensation play, the Maya is seriously worth a look. The head can be removed and popped in the freezer to cool it down, or submerge the whole unit in warm water (make sure it’s screwed together tightly) to heat it up. It can then used on pretty much any external erogenous zone – I particularly recommend using it cold with a ton of lube, thank me later!

Average vibrations

As a vibrator, the Maya is… ehh, decent. The motor is powerful enough, but the third and fourth constant vibration settings are undoubtedly buzzy and make me itch or go numb if I use them too long which is a shame. After having my mind blown by the über rumbly Koi, I’m quite sad to report that the motor in the Maya (as with the Meile) is just not up to the same standards. Boo.

The takeaway

I’m gutted that I don’t love the Maya as a vibrator in its own right. If you’re in the market specifically for a bullet or small unobtrusive vibrator, there are quite simply just many better options out there.

However, if the sensation and temperature play possiblities really appeal to you or you already have a few other toys/heads from Love Not War, find you get on well with the quality of those vibrations and want to try something that’s a different material to the others, then the Maya might be your thing.

Love Not War Maya RRP: £69.99 (Separate head available soon)

Shop the Love Not War range here today!

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I was sent the Maya by Love Not War in exchange for this review.

This has not impacted on my views in any way and all opinions expressed are my own.

Affiliate links have been used in this post.


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