Love Not War Grá Review

It’s no secret to long time readers how much I adore Love Not War!

If you are new here or unfamiliar with the brand, their mission is to create exceptional quality sex toys that are genuinely sustainable. They have done away with as much plastic in their products and factory as possible and have opted to use recycled and recyclable aluminium as the removable battery base for their toys, with swappable body-safe silicone heads (of which I have now amassed a few!). This way you only need one rechargeable battery unit to enjoy the entire range of toys.

The attention to detail to make the brand as sustainable as possible extends all the to their recycled FSC cardboard packaging and the soy-based ink used to print the text. They will even repair your toy(!) or recycle it if it is beyond saving.

Love Not War Grá

Love Not War Grá

The Love Not War Grá (Irish Gaelic for “love”) is a bulbous, lightly textured multipurpose design. I was sent just the head as I already have a couple of the battery bases. I received my Grá in this bright and cheerful shade of orange.

The packaging when you buy just the head of a Love Not War toy is extremely minimal; the smallest possible cardboard box with the head wrapped up in some tissue paper.

I am please to report that the head pairs seamlessly with both of the battery bases that I’ve had since 2021. It screws on just as securely as the toys that came with the bases and I am confident that the assembled unit is still fully waterproof for fuss-free cleaning. (For more details regarding the base, please read my full review of the Meile).

How does it feel?

The head of the Grá is coated in the beautiful buttery silicone that you’d expect of a luxury sex toy with no visible seams. The bulbous area of the head has quite a bit of squish to it (comparable to a large pencil eraser) and transmits vibrations well.

Of all the products in the range that I have tried so far, the Love Not War Grá is my second favourite next to the superb Koi which I reviewed here last year.

Unfortunately the Grá does not have the godly strength and rumble of the Koi. While it’s certainly not a weak vibrator, once you get up to the highest level of constant vibration it becomes undeniably buzzy which was the let down with other toys in the range.

The reason I rate it higher than the Meile and Maya is that covers a broader surface area than the Meile and I just personally prefer the Grá’s squishy silicone head over the aluminium of the Maya.

For me, the broader area of stimulation means I can just about get away (and get off) with clitoral vibrators that are a little more buzzy. For this reason I cannot hate on the Grá – it definitely works for my body. It’s not my favourite toy in the world but it’s certainly adequate and doesn’t cause numbness or “the itch” I get from more pinpoint buzzy toys, including the Meile.

Love Not War Grá textured vibrator

The copy LNW website recommends the shape and the texture of the Grá for some internal vaginal exploration (no anal insertion please, all A&E staff have seen the results of this error enough!). The shape is slightly bulbous which adds some appeal, but is still slim enough that it may be helpful for folks with vaginismus or other chronic genital pain conditions that make penetration difficult.

The texture doesn’t add any interest apart from perhaps visually and I don’t notice it in use either clitorally or internally. The only time I do is when it’s time to crack out a soft bristled toothbrush to fully clean the toy – not my favourite design choice.

My only other design critique is the same as in all my other Love Not War reviews; the battery unit is very smooth, can get slippery easily and on some days is difficult for me to grip. While it looks sleek as hell, I personally would prefer a little bit of texture here.

The takeaway

The Love Not War Grá is… fine. I don’t hate it one bit, and if you already know you are a fan of the style of LNW‘s vibrations and (as far I’m aware) unique modular head system, the Grá is a worthy addition. If you know you prefer clitoral vibrators that are slightly broader than average, or you struggle with vaginal penetration and would like something modestly sized then the Grá is one to check out.

Love Not War Grá RRP: £79.99 (£39.99 just the head)

Tech specs:

  • Length: 6 inches
  • Insertable length: 3 inches
  • Circumference: 3.5 inches at the widest point
  • Settings: 4 speeds, 6 patterns
  • Waterproof?: Yes
  • USB rechargeable?: Yes


  • Body-safe, high quality materials and build
  • Compatible with the rest of the range – if you already own a LNW battery unit you can just buy the Grá head!
  • Quiet
  • Versatile design


  • Vibrations are buzzy on the highest setting
  • The texture adds nothing to the experience apart from additional clean up

Grab a Grá and check out the rest of the Love Not War vibrator range today!

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I was sent the Grá by Love Not War in exchange for this review.

This has not impacted on my views in any way and all opinions expressed are my own.

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