We-Vibe Touch X Review

It’s been a little while, but I’M BACK with a new review of the latest iteration of one of my all time favourite vibrators – The We-Vibe Touch X.

We-Vibe Touch X

Just like the We-Vibe Tango X, the Touch X is a revision of a fan favourite, the We-Vibe Touch which is so successful that it has been on the market for over 10 years!

The Touch X is the most refined version of that strange little purple potato of a powerhouse. The little tweaks, dare I say, have it perfected?! Let’s see…

We-Vibe Touch X

Not just a pretty box

As always I have to comment on We-Vibe‘s newer compact packaging which looks great in vibrant hues to match their products and eliminates a lot of plastic waste. The presentation box is really sturdy and could be used as a longer term storage solution.

The playful, colourful aesthetic extends to the Touch X which is available in coral and this beautiful shade of dark teal I that I opted for. I love how We-Vibe offer these more unusual colours and appear to have distanced themselves more and more from making their products in the generic pinks and purples that still dominate the sex toy market.

The We-Vibe Touch X comes with a USB charging cable, a white silky polyester storage bag (which is being phased out in We-Vibe‘s newer releases for a solution made of natural fibres), some instructions and warranty information (the Touch X comes with a 2 year manufacturer’s warranty as standard).

Simple, but not basic

The We-Vibe Touch X has had the same “glow up” as the Tango X which I reviewed earlier. It has an upgraded 3 button interface which are located on the “top” of the toy and the magnetic charging connection is easy to line up, strong and reliable.

The controls are extremely simple. To turn it on hit the + button and press it to increase the 8 levels of intensity. The – button decreases the intensity and turns the toy off when held down for a few seconds. The button in the centre cycles through the 6 pattern settings if those are your thing. I personally avoid the “morse code” settings on clitoral vibrators!

There is also a travel lock function which can be activated and deactivated by holding down the + and – buttons at the same time.

The Touch X is a sealed silicone coated unit and certified totally waterproof.

So how does it feel?

From the second I switched on my Touch X I knew I was going to love it. Those typical rumbly, penetrating vibrations I’ve come to expect from the brand are all present and correct; starting out quiet and juddery then ending up a little buzzier on the highest speed, but you don’t get much better in a vibrator of this size.

The Touch X is a fairly unique shape and I adore the versatility of it. The motor is located towards the tip of the toy but not all the way, leaving a couple of centimetres of flexible silicone which curves under and tapers to a point.

The shape offers a few different surfaces to experiment with. There’s the aforementioned flexible, pointed tip; the edges which can be utilised by turning the toy on its side; and the oval, concave area on the underside (pictured below) that can be used to cup the clitoris and surrounding tissue.

With the We-Vibe Touch X I find that I prefer a more pinpoint approach and use either the tip or the edges. The extra bit of flex in the tip coupled with the soft silicone makes this a comfier, slightly gentler option for me than the Tango X.

The Touch X is roughly the same length as the palm of my hand, making it small but no so as I find it difficult to hold. The all over silicone coating also offers a bit of traction and is easier to grip than other smaller toys e.g. the original We-Vibe Tango which is entirely ABS plastic.

It is very unobtrusive during partnered sex, which will make this an attractive option for folks looking for a vibe that doesn’t get in the way of penetration or stimulation of other areas by a partner.

A vibe for all seasons

The We-Vibe Touch X quickly became a solid favourite of mine and it has retained that title over time. It has all of the functions I personally want, or even need, in a clitoral vibrator and it’s one that has come up over and over when making recommendations to people with vulvas.

It may also appeal to folks with a penis who particularly enjoy direct vibrations around their frenulum and glans.

Overall, the We-Vibe Touch X is powerful, reliable, versatile and all round just a superb design. Get one!

We-Vibe Touch X RRP: £89.00*

Tech specs:

  • Length: 4 inches
  • Circumference: N/A
  • Materials: Silicone
  • Settings: 8 speeds, 6 patterns
  • Waterproof?: Yes
  • USB rechargeable?: Yes


  • Powerful and rumbly vibrations
  • Unique, versatile shape
  • Great quality product by a trusted brand
  • Quiet
  • Unintimidating and unobtrusive during partnered sex


  • Buzzier on the highest setting – but that’s to be expected of a toy this small!

Grab a We-Vibe Touch X today and thank me later!

I bought this product myself and all opinions are my own.

Affiliate links have been used in this post.

*RRP accurate at the time of writing.

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