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Who is Little Spoon?

Daisy (she/her) is a disabled writer, tattoo and piercing enthusiast, parrot lover, mental health patient, trauma survivor, sex toy junkie, and unapologetic queer, autistic hot mess!

She launched Being The Little Spoon in March 2021, primarily as something to do during the COVID-19 pandemic, but also to share experience and raise awareness of life with mental and chronic illness as an autistic adult, her knowledge and thoughts on sex, sexuality and kink, and document her attempts at living more sustainably.

She is based in the East Midlands where she lives with her partner (they/them) of 15 years and an aviary of pet birds.

Her other passions include horror movies, attending live music concerts, rollercoasters and Pokémon.

Want to say something nice?

Email: hello[at]beingthelittlespoon[dot]com

Or come and find me on Twitter (sometimes) and Instagram!



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