Booheads Review 2022

Booheads 2022

I recently bought the new updated version of my beloved “Soniboo” Booheads that I reviewed here last year.

There have been some notable if tiny tweaks to the design which I think have really improved the user experience, so I just wanted to drop by and let y’all know!

New & improved design

Firstly, the gap! A thing that really irritated me with my first round of Booheads is that there was a sizeable gap where the head and the toothbrush meet which was not there when I still used the official Sonicare plastic heads. This looked a bit rubbish and collected toothpaste goo like a mofo. They have fixed it and Booheads now fit the same as the ‘official’ ones.

Booheads Soniboo
The gap is no more!

Secondly, a thing I didn’t mention in my original review is the hole in the bottom of the head is a hexagon shape. The (bio)plastic cap inside would sometimes twizzle around, and when I came to remove the head for cleaning or travel, sometimes it would go back on wonky. This has been changed and the hole inside is now D shaped to match the attachment spike thingy on the brush, so the head always goes back on straight.

New and improved… holes? (L=Old, R=New)

Lastly, there’s a chance I’m imagining it, but the brush shape and neck appear to have been refined and feel smaller and more comfortable in my mouth. I recently switched back to Booheads after using the last plastic head I had left and did find that the bamboo does take a little bit of adjusting to as it rubbed the corners of my mouth, but I quickly got used to that. Also over time, the bamboo can become naturally rough which just means it’s time to change heads.

Booheads new design
Pink=New, Blue=Old

Booheads have all the info you need about how to dispose of their brush heads in the most eco-friendly way over on their website here.

They are working on their bamboo heads for Oral B toothbrushes too which is great! Sign up here to register your interest.

The prices have gone up a bit with a box of four heads now costing £14.99 on the Booheads site which is £5 more than I paid for the same last year. You could choose to pick up a pack of two for £7.59 instead if you want to try them out first.

Regardless of the price, this is a product I would not be without.

Keep up the good work, Booheads!

I bought this product myself and this mini review is not sponsored in any way.

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