SUTIL Luxe & Rich Lube Review

Lube and I have a troubled past

In the early days of exploring my sexuality I tried probably every problematic product going, often ending in disasters featuring chemical burns and seemingly never ending yeast infections… it was a dark, dark time.

Thanks to the internet and sex bloggers out there doing God’s work, I learned that my admittedly grumpy genitals weren’t (entirely) to blame, and that in fact not all lube is created equal. Some contain ingredients that are actually harmful to the vulva and vagina, including those you might have come across in your gynaecologist’s office! Who knew?!

I am now incredibly brand loyal as a result, and only recommend a tiny handful of lube brands and use even fewer personally.

I was previously a huge fan of Sliquid (and still am really) but unfortunately became sensitive to something in their Naturals formulas, I suspect the citric acid? I also occasionally have itching or burning issues with aloe vera products, even on the skin on my hands, never mind my vulva! Unfortunately this is a main ingredient in the Sliquid Botanicals range, YES Water Based and Wylde One.

In the realms of body-safe lubricants, there aren’t many other options beyond these!

Enter: SUTIL.

SUTIL Luxe and SUTIL Rich

From their eco-certified ingredients and vegan friendly formula, to the biodegradable tube, there is not much I don’t love about SUTIL products.

SUTIL Luxe is my “ride or die” lube for almost everything.

It is water based with a pH of 4.5 specifically for the vagina. It contains no glycerin, propylene glycols or parabens (the usual suspects when it comes to vaginal irritation) which is what brought it to my attention in the first place.

The consistency of SUTIL Luxe is quite unusual. It is thin and silky without being watery or sticky, and blends in incredibly well with natural vaginal lubrication. It also stays slick waaaay longer than any other water based product I’ve come across. A lot of reviewers say it’s not dissimilar to a silicone based lube in that respect which is high praise indeed! Disclaimer: I can’t account for that as I’ve never used a silicone lube myself, outside of shining latex clothing!

SUTIL Luxe is condom and toy safe and works great with both! I find Luxe lasts forever with most penetrative toys, unless they’re particular huge or heavy on texture where I just make sure to apply extra. It is also more than adequate for penetrative sex with a bio penis without a condom, and rarely needs reapplying unless there’s a drastic change of position or a pause for a water break, haha!

A thing I particularly love from a sensory point of view, is that SUTIL Luxe doesn’t leave any slimy or gunky residue on my body. I’m really funny about “stuff” on my vulva, so it’s unusual to find a lube where I don’t feel an immediate need to rush to the shower afterwards. There is also no strong smell and only a mild bitter taste which also makes it sensory friendly.

I have experienced absolutely no burning, itching or infections that can be attributed to SUTIL Luxe, it is truly a miracle substance to me!


SUTIL Rich is also water based but with a few different ingredients and the formula is much thicker. Again it is totally compatible with all toys and condoms.

This is a high viscosity lube that offers a lot more cushioning. It has been formulated more for anal play, and intentionally has a pH of 6 for this purpose, however it is still safe for the vagina and is even recommended for soothing menopause related dryness issues. (Source:

While we use a lot of SUTIL Luxe in my bedroom, Rich definitely has its place. It is much better suited for butt stuff than Luxe and has even beaten out our favourite anal lube of five years, YES Oil Based, as Rich is longer lasting and doesn’t have the funky vegetable oil smell of YES OB!

I’ve found ‘The One’

It goes without saying, SUTIL Luxe has stolen my heart and become my desert island lube. It is just so damn good at what it does with the bonus that it helps me relax more during sex as I’m not constantly worrying about when it might start burning.

If you’re on the hunt for a vulva friendly lube, all the other brands I’ve mentioned (Sliquid, YES and Into The Wylde) are a-okay for a huge majority of people and are a lot kinder on the wallet.

I have to be honest and say SUTIL lubes are very pricey for the amount you get at £12.99 for just 60ml, but even those tubes last a decent amount of time as you won’t usually need as much as you think and it lasts way longer than any other water based, body-safe lube on the market.

For more information about SUTIL, visit their official site here.
Jo Divine are the biggest UK stockist of SUTIL products – Check out their carefully curated selection of body-safe toys too!

This post is not sponsored and I am not affiliated with SUTIL or Jo Divine  – I just really appreciate both companies and wanted to give a little shout out!

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