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I am pretty stuck in my ways when it comes to lube.

The combination of naturally sensitive skin, an easily offended vulva and a LOT of negative experiences testing and reviewing lubricants for companies in the past, means I’m just not normally willing to try new products.

Ingredients in most lubes you’ll find in the condom aisle at the chemist are just not appropriate for use in the vagina. I learned this the hard way! Nearly all cheap lube contain glycerin, which is a known trigger for vaginal yeast infections, petrochemicals such as propylene glycol, and parabens which are synthetic preservatives, all known to cause irritation (or worse). *There is more science and biology to it than I can cover today, I will link to some good resources at the end of this review.

I have a small handful of lube brands that I recommend – SUTIL, Sliquid and Yes – and am reluctant to allow others into that “inner circle” of trust, haha!

Wylde One intimate lubricant by Into The Wylde

Into The Wylde

Into The Wylde came on my radar via… an advert on Instagram (which you may notice that is a recurring theme of things I end up writing about on this blog – what can I say, the algorithm has got me good!)

The website is extremely informative and grabbed my attention immediately. The founder, Kathie Bishop, is a practicing herbalist specialising in vaginal health and the shear wealth of knowledge shared on the website alone gained my trust quickly. The FAQs are thorough and I highly recommend reading through ‘What Makes Our Lube So Great?‘ too.

Wylde One

Wylde One is the debut product from Into The Wylde. It is 97% organic and registered with The Soil Association and The Vegan Society, and contains 99% natural ingredients. It is pH balanced with the vagina (around pH4), has low osmolarity (a good thing) and contains no glycerin, propylene glycol, parabens or anything else on this long red list. It is water based, condom-friendly and non-staining. That’s pretty much all my boxes ticked, so I decided to place an order.

My order was quickly despatched and when I messed up checking out adding on an unnecessary postage cost, Kathie herself answered my email very promptly and got it sorted.

My tube of Wylde One came wrapped in some green tissue with a postcard with a little bit of info on it. Packaging generally doesn’t mean much but I really like the aesthetics and colour scheme the brand has gone for, and bonus, the tube is 100% recyclable too.

Wylde One lube

The actual product is a pale honey colour – which caught me off guard initially as most lube is clear. It has a herbal, kind of bitter smell and barely any taste, though I wouldn’t involve it with oral sex. It has a very thin consistency, probably the most watery lube I have ever tried. It complements natural vaginal lubrication really well, and lasts a long time with toys. I don’t enjoy it as much for PIV sex, but that is because I am a die-hard SUTIL fan, and it’s hard to beat how long lasting that is for a water based product! I definitely wouldn’t even try this for anything anal, it is far too thin and not designed for that use anyway.

To date, I have had no problems or irritation with Wylde One and I am confident in recommending it to other folks with vulvas looking for a body friendly lube, particularly for masturbation.

It’s worth noting that is is aloe vera based which can be an irritant for a small number of people. I have had this problem in the past and avoid using Wylde One if my vulva is feeling sensitive – just in case. A full list of ingredients can be found on the website.

Wylde One retails for £11.99 on the Into The Wylde website.

I bought this product myself and this review is not sponsored in any way.

Into The Wylde Wylde One personal lubricant

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