Sugar Candy Large Cup Bralette Review

Life with a Sensory Processing Disorder… and big boobs!

During the COVID-19 pandemic and resulting months of lockdown in the UK, I have pretty much given up wearing any clothes aside from t shirts, leggings and pyjamas… and I know I am definitely not the only one!

I have also neglected wearing a bra which to some might not be a big deal or indeed, a bonus of staying home for weeks on end. However, as a larger busted person, I have really been starting to notice the effect no support is having on my boobs, especially before and during my period when they get extremely painful (thank you, PMDD) so have started wearing a wired bra again in the daytime.

As an autistic person with sensory processing issues, going back to wearing underwires again has be challenging. It can be genuinely agonising. I already own a few different bralettes from when I had abdominal surgery in 2017, but they work more as decoration or “modesty”, not any real proper support. I have non wired sports bras but the cups on those are a bit too thick to sit around in every day and ugly as hell too!

I didn’t think what I was looking for existed until I happened to be browsing Instagram one night and got an advert for an Australian brand called Sugar Candy who make a bralette exclusively for F-H cups that promises moderate support, forward projection and none of the notorious mono-boob look. I was sold.

The Sugar Candy Bralette

The Sugar Candy bralette comes in 6 different sizes which apparently cover 35+ cup and band sizes. Quite a bold claim!

At the time of writing, they have three styles of bralette available and a tank top. They also offer 10% off for signing up to their mailing list and bundle offers which I recommend taking advantage of as these things are on the pricey side! I was concerned about paying £40 for a bralette as that is more than I spend on fancy lingerie styles, but with both of these discounts I ended up paying around £30 each for three – much better.

SugarCandy Large Cup Bralette lying flat

I decided to purchase three of the “Basic” bralettes as I’m not fussed by the lace option of the “Lux” or the colour variation of the “Crush”. I definitely prioritise ultimate comfort over style with these things! I got two in black and one in pink.

My current average bra size in most brands is UK 34H which according to the fitting chart is smack bang in the size L range so that’s what I ordered.

SugarCandy Bralette size and care label

I didn’t realise at the time of purchase that my order was coming over from Australia as the shipping was free and instantly panicked about paying any customs fees as I had never bought anything from there before! However it says in the site’s FAQs that there are no additional charges for Australia, NZ, UK (me!), US or EU countries and this was my experience. My order was almost instantly dispatched and was with me in about a week.

The company make a big deal about how their products are eco friendly (another thing that appealed to me) and that all of their packaging is recyclable and plastic free. The postage bag was actually compostable which I really liked!

Front view of a full busted tattooed person wearing a SugarCandy Bralette

My experience 

The website has very clear fitting instructions to get the correct lift, including a video that I watched before trying my first bralette on.

There are six hook and eye options making it very adjustable which is great. I wear mine on the second or third set so somewhere around the middle. There are four rows to do up which is a bit fiddly and on a bad pain day I really struggle to tackle these.

There are two “slings” inside each cup which are designed to give forward projection and some lift as an underwire would. I was highly sceptical of this and as I was just after something comfy to wear, I didn’t expect much.

Well, they’re brilliant. While the lift is not as good as any of my wired bras, it is still decent. My favourite bit is the side slings as I hate feeling my boobs rubbing against my arms and this solves this beautifully. There are no seams on the cups and I am not otherwise aware of the slings. It looks really smooth under a t shirt too which is perfect for what I wanted. The rest of fabric is really soft and lightweight. There is even some degree of “separation” going on preventing the unflattering mono-boob effect. Magic.

At first I found the band a bit constricting, but I think that was more down to having not worn a bra consistently for so long. On the first day I was not sold that I would prefer the Sugar Candy bralette over a regular bra. The underband is wide and it does fold over as I move which did upset me at first.

Side view of the SugarCandy Bralette being worn

After this short teething period however, I really, really love this thing. I can actually wear it to sleep which is amazing as it stops the “under arm boob” effect that I find so uncomfortable and I don’t find it makes me sweat any more than I usually would. The fabric is genuinely moisture wicking so I don’t have the dreaded “boob sweat” issue. I can actually wear this bralette 24 hours when I want to, and I don’t think I can say that about any other item of clothing I have ever owned!

I have had no problems putting it through the washing machine (30 degrees in a lingerie bag) and so far it looks good as new with no bobbling or warping of the elastic so I am optimistic that these will wear well and last me a good amount of time.

The straps also detach at the back so you can cross them over to wear it “racerback” style for a bit more support if you desire.

Back view of the SugarCandy Bralette

Perfect for SPD

I am really chuffed I can make a genuine recommendation for a bra for larger busted folks with sensory processing problems.

I am very easily irritated by clothes, especially underwear, and if I could just wear nothing but a soft weighted blanket for the rest of my life I would be happy.

I hate having a larger bust and especially hate the dramatic size/density fluctuations and what can be severe pain throughout the month.

The Sugar Candy bralette has, against many of my expectations, helped to alleviate some of these problems.

I am officially brand loyal. While admittedly they on the pricey side, which unfortunately may not be accessible for some, I will definitely replace mine if/when they wear out.

I would prefer them to be made from natural fibres, but given the amount of wear I reckon I will get out of them, I can let that slide.

Thanks you Sugar Candy!

Check out the Sugar Candy website here!

This post is not sponsored, I just love the product.

I bought this product myself, all opinions and experiences are my own.

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