Pillow Talk Sassy Review

The Pillow Talk Sassy is the most humble and unassuming vibrator you could imagine. It does not have a particularly intriguing design, no great list of special features, and no really unique selling point. It just blends in with the crowd.

Had it not been for glowing reviews from sex bloggers I trust and admire, such as Epiphora and Amy at Coffee & Kink, I would have totally passed it by. Thankfully, my interest was fully piqued and as a result *spoiler alert* here I am giving you my own rave review!

Pillow Talk Sassy in teal

Pillow Talk

Pillow Talk is a line of fairly innocuous vibrators from BMS Factory – renowned for their rumbly PowerBullet™ vibrations and creators of the epic Swan Wand.

Each toy comes in either baby pink or pale teal with ridged silver ring towards the handle end and a single Swarovski crystal as the power button. Very minimalist yet delicate and femme and, while I could do without the crystal, I enjoy the overall aesthetic.

All the toys in the range are completely coated in silicone, making them 100% body-safe, and all are USB rechargeable.

On average they retail between £25-£50, which for what you’re getting is very reasonably priced.

Pillow Talk Sassy curved G-spot vibrator


At a glance, the Sassy looks like your generic G-spot vibrator – which it is. It’s shape, mostly straight with a gentle curve and slightly bulbous tip, is nothing new, but there are some subtle tweaks that make it clear the design has been thought out and not just a “copy and paste” job.

The silicone is really lovely and silky with just a barely visible seam, the sort of quality I’d expect from a much more expensive product. The middle of the shaft is flexible which is a welcome feature, making it comfortable for different bodies. The handle is textured, giving something to grip which I like, and the bulbous “business end” is very firm with only a tiny bit of squish from the few millimetres of silicone outer skin. Everything is how it is for a reason and so far there is nothing I can fault!

It operates via a single button interface located on the base. To turn the Sassy on, you click the button once and you’re in business. To adjust the intensity, you hold the button down and it gradually increases. To turn it off, you click the button once again. To operate the travel lock, you press the button three times quickly and it will give two little buzzes to indicate it is turned on. Repeat the quick three presses and the travel lock will be deactivated and the toy will be ready to play again.

The Pillow Talk Sassy packaging

My experience

For its lower price point, the Pillow Talk packaging is damn fancy. It is very sleek and attractive and while its not the most eco friendly, it is perfect for gift giving.

Inside you get the Sassy, a USB charging cable, a storage bag, and a little cleaning brush which means no more scrubbing crevices with old toothbrushes – again with the attention to detail! I’ve had £100+ toys come with fewer genuinely useful accessories.

From the first moment I turned my Sassy on, I knew this was going to be love. The vibrations are deeeeep and concentrated in the tip – spot on. While the intensity levels up in increments so gradual I can’t count how many there are, I can tell you it takes at least 8 seconds of holding the button down to reach the highest level! And the rumbles do not let up as the power increases either.

Now, the Sassy has been designed as a G-spot toy. The size and shape is ideal, not too big and the little bit of flex in the shaft makes a noticeable difference in comfort to fully rigid insertables of a similar nature, and I have no complaints using it this way. However, internal vibrations aren’t always my thing, and if I am going to use them I prefer patterns to keep it interesting. If I have it on a higher setting, the power of the Sassy cancels out whatever I’m using clitorally which is frustrating, so I choose to keep it on the lowest setting.

Where the Sassy comes into its own is as a clitoral vibrator. The sheer depth of the vibrations are perfect for stimulating the internal clitoral structures as well as the external, and this is going to appeal to the majority of vulva owners! It is more comfortable to hold that a bullet and less cumbersome than a wand, which makes it a more accessible option for people with joint issues affecting their hands. It is also fairly unobtrusive during partnered penetrative sex, depending on the position.

The biggest negative point I can think of is it is quite easy to turn off in use. Most toys change setting with a single press of their buttons whereas with the Sassy you need to hold the button down to change the speed – a single short press will turn it off! This just takes a little familiarisation with the controls first and it’s no longer and issue. A second slight negative point is that you can only increase the toy’s intensity – there is no way to turn it down without turning the toy off and starting over. It is also only splashproof, not fully waterproof, so bath time shenanigans are off the cards.

Pillow Talk Sassy in teal with accessories

The takeaway

The Pillow Talk Sassy is practically perfect in everything it sets out to do. It is simple, versatile and accessibly priced. For what it lacks in features or patterns (which I don’t really miss), it makes up for in that glorious motor!

While I don’t agree with “one size fits all” style statements, this is a toy that will have broad appeal to most vulva owners.

The Sassy would be an amazing option for a first vibrator or an ideal sexy gift.

Pillow Talk Sassy RRP: £39.99

Tech specs:
  • Length: 7.5 inches
  • Insertable length: 4.5 inches
  • Circumference: 4.75 inches
  • Settings: Just one, but that’s all you need!
  • Waterproof?: Splashproof
  • USB rechargeable?: Yes
  • Body-safe materials
  • Powerful and rumbly vibrations
  • Versatile
  • Comfortable to hold
  • Easy to use single button interface
  • Travel lock
  • Comes with a storage bag and cleaning brush
  • Beautiful packaging
  • Easy to accidentally turn off in use
  • Not fully waterproof
  • No pattern settings
  • Packaging might be considered excessive

The Pillow Talk Sassy is available to buy at The Pleasure Garden.

I bought this product myself and this review is not sponsored.

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